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Hi! I’m Christina, and thanks for coming to my blog!

Most of the reviews you find on here are either young adult fantasy or science fiction, as that’s what I tend to read. There are a few others, of course, just for variety. A few things I do not like in books are profanities, sexual content/extreme romance, extreme violence/cruelty (depending on the level, as fantasy/sci-fi tends to contain a bit of violence), and bi-sexual relationships/characters. I also don’t care for vampires, werewolves, or angels/demons, so you probably won’t find any of those here. Sorry to all you Twilight lovers!

I have always been a huge reader, ever since I was about seven years old. My mom got me into it by reading me part of a book and then stopping at the most exciting part, saying she had to go make dinner. Just like she had hoped, I picked up the book and finished it. From then on, reading has been a huge hobby of mine. If we lived near a library, I could probably spend all day there and never get bored. There’s just so much interesting stuff out there! Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the good books sometimes, especially after I moved up from the kid’s section to the young adult. Both my mom and I have looked for some sort of list of good books that I would enjoy, but we never found any that suited my tastes. It was only recently that my dad suggested that I start a blog to help other teens who are in the same situation like me. So, here we are. Hope this blog helps you find some books that you will enjoy!

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